Soultry Shoes-Business Profile

Soultry Shoes is a small boutique that offers a variety of chic footwear. Located in Pilsen’s Art District, this store offers a variety of footwear along with custom made hand bags and jewelery.

Soultry shoes opened in 2009 by owner Yvette Dudley as part of her life long passion. “I always wanted my own business. I decided to open a ladies shoe boutique. I wanted to create a comfortable environment where women could find and create their own unique style, but also have it to be a place where women could network, be inspired, and share.”

Soultry Shoes often has networking events and gatherings for women known as shoe soirees and also has rental spaces for private events. The name “Soultry” is a play on the word “sultry,” that reflects the feeling women can get when wearing stylish shoes.


Visit Soultry Shoes in Pilsen
1706 S Halsted
Chicago, IL 60608
Phone: (312) 243-0544
Soultry Shoes Chicago Voz page.

Soulty Shoes website

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